Prolific Cinnamon Plantation

$ 170,000


This is a magnificent chance for someone who is looking for a high-yield cinnamon plantation. Giving you easy access, the plan is located within a 5-minute distance from the Expressway interchange and 12 minutes distance from the famous surfing beach Ahangama. Rice paddy fields surrounding the plantation produce great views, and they give the perfect setting to build a villa. Towards the paddy fields, the land has a gentle slope that adds extra glamour to the landscape of the property.

Out of 7 acres, only 6 acres have planted cinnamon, and the remaining had tea earlier, but the owner is thinking of planting cinnamon on that 1 acre too. The Plantation is about 5 years old and is producing a great yield of more than 2400kg per annum currently. With some more effort and care, you could increase this yield, but even now it’s one of the best plantations in the area. Water and electricity are already available.