Property Management

Managing your property from abroad or a distant place can be quite hectic and stressful. Checking out for maintenance, staff and the overall surroundings can be daunting if you are not living in the purchased property especially if it is a business investment that you seek. Property Sri Lanka has devised methods and extended services to relieve you of the stress of looking after and managing your property through our agents who will do the job for you. Say you purchased a villa and is unable to manage it from your office which is located elsewhere.


Property Sri Lanka will provide all kinds of services ranging from managing your staff and maintaining the property thereby reinforcing the quality of your property and your business.

Legal & Registration

The intricate legal tidbits of property purchase and management in a foreign land can be confusing and also time consuming (especially to a foreigner) which is completely understandable. Property Sri Lanka will provide legal advice and legal registration services and we will make your business deal quick, easy and stress free. When doing business with us, all you will have to do is select the land and purchase it.


We will take care of the legal side. Property Sri Lanka is a name you can trust. And that trust comes with business relationships, rather than transactions, based on integrity and honesty.

Surveying & Fencing

It is a common issue to have issues with neighbours trying to infiltrate your property and we have made it our mission to survey and fence the land so that these issues may not arise. Moreover, pictures before and after the fencing to document the whole process and this process is made up of a set of guidelines that are strictly followed by our agents.
Property Sri Lanka has an eventful past of fencing and securing property which gives us confidence in the quality of our service and more than enough experience to carry out the fencing process smoothly. Property Sri Lanka has seasoned professionals working in the field and will provide fencing and surveying services of utmost quality.

Property Approval

Do you have questions about the permissibility of the property? What is the maximum area that I’m allowed? Can I build a business on it? Can I build a residence on it? Property Sri Lanka will help you figure it all out quite easily. Getting your construction plan approved can be an exhausting task since it is not an easy process. It requires several varying NOCs from the various departments of the local planning authority. We, at South Lanka Realty will help you through the process by understanding the needs and preparing the necessary applications that are in line with the legal requirements. We will keep a keen eye on the services you have applied for and will update you regularly. In addition, we will take care of the process from the drawing of the plan to the listing out the various required documents and NOCs from various departments.


We will also go through government records, check for any hindrances and prepare the documents according to the standards and communicate with the Local Planning Authorities while you can sit back and relax while we hand over the finished legal documents right to your hands.